Thursday, October 25, 2012

Modern Traveler Blues                                                         

Sitting in the airport, the view just can't be beat.
Watching people strip down to the waist, from my gate F seat.

Oh my here comes a Grandma, they're going to touch her where?
Gee Granny is starting to smile, I guess she does not care.

Now here come two businessmen, they look a little bit mad.
TSA took away their laptops, after wiping them with a pad.

Good news! TSA is handing them back, but they sure did annoy.
How dare they ever come between, a techie and his toy.

Those two guys had better lighten up, they really have the blues.
The one guy is still so friggin’ mad, he just forgot his shoes!

Still sitting in the airport, still waiting for our plane.
I think we are in Philly, they’re all starting to look the same.

We’re on our way to Knoxville, then driving to the sticks,
We're going to change our lifestyle, just call us two old hicks.

There’s limited Internet access, and no cell towers do you see.
It's just like here in terminal F
 , with my I-pad on my knee.

I cannot get to Facebook, no updates from CNN
There is no internet at all, do you remember when? 

They're making an announcement. What the heck did she just say?
Oh wonderful, wouldn't you know it, another 2 hour delay.


  1. Telling it just like it is, Don!! And poetically too. Love it! If you are on your way somewhere, have fun!