Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Presented to honor those who served.

Those Who Served Their Country

 By D. E. Allen

We were those who went while others stayed behind.  They may have been afraid, in truth, so were we, but we went where others dared not go, and did what others … failed to do. We asked nothing from those who gave nothing of themselves, perhaps a bit of respect or common courtesy be shown, to those who served their country.

I have seen the look of terror on the faces of my comrades; I am sure that I have worn terror on my own face as well.  I have been so afraid that my body shivered with cold, in the 100 degree heat.  I have been so relieved in victory that I laughed until I cried; while sitting in the midst of the battlefields post apocalyptic veil of smoke and blanket of blood. Such is often the communion cup that is passed around, to those who served their country.

When I add up all the emotions and memories together, and look back so many years ago, I recall times that many would say are better to be left undisturbed; but there is a risk in letting these memories rest in convenient silence.  Relating the lessons learned to future generations is the awesome responsibility of, those who served their country.

We must remember the tears, the sacrifice, and the pain, least the fools be allowed to preach that war is somehow glorious, and that freedom is somehow free.  What have I gained over those who did not go?  Today and always, I am proud to say, I am one of those who served their country.

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