Monday, October 22, 2012

Who cut Jack O’Lantern?
Oh he was a plump one
Jack O’Lantern my dear old friend.
I knew him back when we were seeds
Now it’s left to me to speak of his end.

We begged farmer Jones, as we grew in the field
Please keep turning us as we grow fat.
Farmer Jones made us all a nice bed of hay
He didn’t want our side to go flat.

Oh no! Jack, they are coming to pick you.
Quick, hide over there in a rut.
Jack cover yourself with leaves and mud
Or you will wind up getting your stem cut!

Dozens of pickers wearing straw hats
Walking behind wagons these pickers came on.
I looked back towards Jack to make sure he’s OK
To my horror I discovered he was gone.

Who cut Jack O’Lantern?
I’m afraid we may never know.
But I saw him last night on farmer Jones’ porch.
His face was all-aglow. 

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