Friday, March 22, 2013

Age Spots and Beauty Marks

Age spots and beauty marks
did you bring these to me?

Sweet dreams and memories
of how things used to be.

When my mind does wonder
where does it linger still?

Upon a field of Lavender
over yonder hill.

T’was there you gave your love to me
and I kissed my soul adieu.

Age spots and beauty marks
from the years of loving you.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy St. Pats

You went looking for a leprechaun
and what did you see?
Did you see the leprechaun
dancing with me?

Leprechaun, leprechaun
where did you run?
Round your table
just havin’ some fun.

Go ye down to the pub McClairy
Go ye down to the pub I say
Go ye down and find Father McGinnis
Father McGinnis will teach you to pray.

I have no business with Father McGinnis.
I have no need of McClairy’s Pub.
You have all the Poitin a wee one could ask for
And when I get drunk I’ll just sleep in your tub.

Well then Leprechaun, I can’t say I blame ya.
If you want my Poitin, then go right ahead.
We’ll sing and fiddle and drink all night.
And if you get drunk use my tub for a bed.

So I handed the wee one, my stoneware jug.
And he took out his fiddle to play.
And we laughed and we drank and we danced and we fiddled
All night long till the dawning new day.

When I looked out my window I saw Father McGuinnis.
He heard the ruckus as he was passing this way.
I told my story to Father McGinnis.
Father McGinnis just started to pray.

Dear Lord forgive him his drinking.
Dear Lord make his path straight and true
Dear Lord may he be in Church every Sunday.
DEAR LORD! … I just saw a Leprechaun!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Voices Are Calling


Who is that crying in the dark of night?
Are they calling out my name?
Is it just the wind in the willow tree?
Or is something else to blame?

It is a child who is hungry,
a child who’s not far away.
A child with a stomachache,
who had nothing to eat today.

There is crying in the dark of night.
They are calling out my name.
They are the voices of my inner self.
They are pointing out my shame.

They are calling me to action,
to help my fellow man.
To give all that is required of me,
not just … what I think I can.