Friday, August 30, 2013

Dedicated, To Those Who Will Die Tomorrow

How many loaves of white bread did I buy for a dollar today?
Oh damn, it should have been whole grain.
That is how we can eat right they say.
And I thought the all news radio station said something about 200 dead.
I think it was in Syria.

I feel so guilt ridden.
I did not walk my 2 miles before breakfast.
I had two ice cream cups for dessert.
And the handsome man, and the pretty face on the big screen TV,
said it was poison gas, maybe, they don’t know for sure. Now it’s time for sports.

When is too much information
not enough information to act?
To finally do something to solve the problem.
At last someone on TV has an answer. 
They are going to trade the Quarterback for a first round draft pick next year.

Nothing on the tube tonight.
I guess I’ll try a level or two in Candy Crush or Farmville.
News flash, RSS feed, PUSH notification, a Presidential tweet.
The carriers are in position.
I need some nails to build another barn,
I’m out of lives. Please, can you send me some lives?

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