Friday, July 5, 2013

Eight Months On

Eight Months On

It’s eight months on since the howling wind pushed the sea over the land, over the streets, over our homes and over our hearts.

Eight months on and the sound of generators, chain saws, loud speakers on Humvee’s and the crying of wives and children, and of ourselves; has been replaced by the sound of hammers and skill saws, as the work of recovery has moved outside into the summer heat.

Eight months since the photo-op for Cuomo and Schumer. Eight months since the EPA was the first government organization in the neighborhood…Handing out fines for home heating oil spills to the downtrodden and desperate homeowners.

Eight months on since the Nationalist Chinese International relief organization handed the worst hit homeowners Visa gift cards, While the United States Government, the State of New York, the County of Suffolk, and the Town of Babylon, FOUR LAYERS OF GOVERNMENT …did nothing. While the Red Cross gave us bottled water, tainted food, expired canned goods, the toll free phone numbers for FEMA and the Suicide Prevention Hotline.

Eight months on since it took an act of Congress for my insurance company to pay off my flood claim, after 33 years of our paying premiums, and 67 of the bastards in Congress voted against it.

Eight months on since the government called me and said, you have money, we will make you a loan, even with you and your wife both recently unemployed …because if you default on the loan we’ll just take your 401K.

Eight months on since my country turned it’s back on me in my hour of need. 

Eight months since my wife and I picked ourselves up out of the mud. WE DID IT ON OUR OWN.

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