Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This White Capped Sea of Green                                                                                       
By D. E. Allen                                                                 

I pull into the National Cemetery and follow an asphalt path that is wet with tears that never dry.
I see a small freestanding canopy where our loved ones once gathered,
on the day they all came to say good-bye.

There are no flag draped coffins today, the parades of cars with headlights on are nowhere to be seen.
There is nothing to disturb the slumber of those who sleep,
beneath this white capped sea of green.

Flags were planted to honor them on Memorial day, but they are collected up too soon.
What would it take to leave those flags in place for just one week,
until the 6th of June?

These brave souls who served their county, shall rise again to one last trumpets sound.
Until that judgment day, may they all rest in peace,
beneath this hollowed ground.

Look now across this wide expanse, let your mind dwell upon the enormity of the scene.
They lived, they served, they died, and now they silently wait,
beneath this white capped sea of green.

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