Monday, August 27, 2012

August Harvest                                                                                   

Picking, grab and pluck
Tomatoes ripe and juicy
Dream of B.L.T.s

Playing hide and seek
My green beans seem camouflaged
Obscured by their leaves

Cucumber salad
How much can one person eat?
Did I plant all these?

Zucchini man comes
Dropping off green baseball bats
Here he comes again!

Mosquitoes and weeds
Join together to fight me
I must acquiesce

What a drudgery
I’d rather write haiku
Well now, wouldn’t you?

Oppressively hot
Stifling humidity
Good for tomatoes!

Cool wind starts blowing
Flag tearing at its lanyard
Ominous dark clouds

Thunder booms above
Nimbostratus darkened sky
Rain suspends my plans

Bring my cup of tea
As I watch natures power
Lightening flashes

Cat jumps on the table
A green squash is her pillow
How cute is that?


  1. I wrote this blended series of Haiku and Senryu as I sat sipping tea after being chased out of my garden by a summer rain. I love the duality of the word August, so fitting a title, either way you look at it. Yes my naughty little girl jumped on the table and rested her head on a zucchini while she watched me write this haiku.

  2. Terrific Don! I just love the progression here. Every one is so immediate, I'm there.

    1. Thank you for appreciating the progression. Setting the progression took more time than writing the individual pieces!

  3. I agree with Barbara. An immediate narrative, a common experience shared through appreciative eyes. Good stuff.
    PS. Somehow the link back does not come directly to this blog, so you are a little harder to find than most.

    1. Thank you for being persistent, and for your kind words Stafford. I'll have to learn on how to imbed a direct link into my name when I leave comments. Thanks for the heads up on that.

  4. ha the cat on the squash is a cute image....our cat does me some summer tomatoes...guess that time is quickly passing write...

  5. This is a wonderful mix of aesthetic and flavorful beauty, Donald.

  6. The blend is perfect...from descriptive to emotive!!I had deleted all my Google g-mails and Google accounts about 2 years ago and just now got one again, so I can finally comment on some of these!!