Monday, July 30, 2012

A  stroll down the driveway on the third day of spring.
By D. E. Allen

I walk in cold mist.
Above me, a sky of gray.
The world is vacant.

It should be Springtime.
Winter, please go away now.
Dampness chills my bones.

Spring tries to come forth.
Winter refuses to leave.
Cool air surrounds me.

Blanket of flowers.
Quietly you are waiting.
Hidden by moist earth.

Asparagus patch.
I hear you call me softly,
“Please make me ready.”

Look, there, Daffodils.
Too soon I say, it’s too cold.
Chills still embrace me.

Patience, patience all.
Summers toil comes soon enough.
We will yearn for rest.

Let us all relax.
Enjoy this spring transition.
Be still, and at peace.


  1. A series of haiku written to express the feel of a typical early Spring day here on Long Island; damp, overcast, chilly, yet filled with abundant life waiting in the wing.