Saturday, July 21, 2012

A South Shore Summer Sonata                              
By D. E. Allen

I can hear my tires click across
the evenly spaced expansion grooves
of the parkways well worn pavement.
They are tapping out a steady beat,
in response to Long Island’s summer heat.
They gather to play a familiar tune,
a South Shore summer sonata.

Watching a Captree open fishing boat
slip sideways beneath Robert Moses’ twin spans,
wind and tide push the ship slowly;
a perfect drift for fluke.
A young couple dances past me on the sand,
I am sure in their heads they are listening to
A South Shore summer sonata.

As evening nears and the heat fades
I turn the handle of the shower stand
washing away the sand from between my toes.
My beach blanket flapping in the wind.
It's sound brings me back in time once again
and I start to sing of sandcastle memories,
A South Shore summer sonata.


  1. Nice poem, Don. I liked it the first time I heard it and I still like it. I can really relate since Im a south shore girl myself. Are you going to add a place for readers to "follow' you?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The follow by e-mail gadget is now up and functional.