Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Blind, Begot the Blind                                                              
(This piece was written … six days from now.  It is not too late.)

I have always silently thought us to be fortunate.
Our home has few windows, which face towards New York City.
Yet I’ve told you over and over,
again and again,
with every flash of lightening,
with every errant headlight,
with every unexpected boom of fireworks… 

Turn away.

Turn away from the flash.
Turn away and shield your eyes.

You are the one person in all the world
whom I care most about.
You must train yourself… to turn away.

And now, the unspeakable has happened.
You did not turn away from the flash,
now you, and thousands like you, are blind.

Yesterday there were seven billion people in the world.
For an entire generation the voice of reason told our leaders,
Turn away. Turn away from the madness.
And they did not. 

They were blind.

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