Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween at Sunbrick   By D. E. Allen                                                                                                                                                                                                        

A friend in the UK takes her writing class on photographic field trips to give them writing prompts.  She recently took her class to the Quaker Burial Mound in Sunbrick.  The burial mound is surrounded by a high fieldstone wall with a single gate.  Her black and white photo of the place was eerie to say the least.  Here is the poem it inspired.

Halloween at Sunbrick

By the stone circle wall at Sunbrick, gather ye sons and mothers too.
On the eve of All Hallows, when the night mist is thick as dew.

Come and see the shadows move, stay past midnight if you dare.
But if the shadows turn to look at you, beware their deadly stare.

With fog-like feet they glide past you, and on to their ancient sacred well.
This is where the restive souls of the Quakers wander, or so the bards do tell.

Like the waves upon the open sea, they are here, then there, then gone.
Up from the mound, and through the gate, they roam all night till dawn.

Oh why do the specters wonder, are the spirits still troubled and in pain?
Well now, why don’t you just go ask one, and have the ghost explain?


  1. Donald, you made me laugh! Great ending. Of course the whole poem was delightful, I was drifting along, enjoying the rhyme and meter, then surprise ending. Thank you for your poem and comment at my blog--wonderful!

  2. I love this ! So spooky , with some great imagery too! I never thought of Quakers as the haunting type!