Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jimmy’s Song                                                                                       

From the depths of hell you call out to me.
In the middle of the night, your voice
singing that stupid song invades my dreams and wakes me.
At the high noon of day, you haunt my mind.

This cannot be.  I went to your funeral.
I saw you lying in the satin lined box of your mortality.

Yet I can still hear you. Even now.
In every waking moment.
Your voice,
your shrill, sandpaper on my nerves voice.

It calls my name. 
It spits at me,
it steals my rest, and my sanity.

Need I dig you up to reassure myself
of the finality of your rest?
What the hell are you trying to say to me?
What message from beyond
could be worth this incessant torture?

I did not kill you.
You drank yourself to death.

I simply did not take away your keys.

Oh God forgive me.
I did not take away your keys.

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