Friday, September 7, 2012

They, Pray, Payday, Replay                                       

By D. E. Allen

Luck won’t you be a lady, and come with me today.
Come dance around my roulette wheel, add magic to my play.
As long as I come out ahead, a few thousand would be okay.
I yearn to see you cast your spell and send good fortune without delay.

Dear Lady play my slot machine a while, and tell me you will stay.
Please bring a thrill to this old man, with his hair of gray.
If you could simply smile at me, it would make my heart so gay.
Yet I know that in the morning, you must be on your way.

Oh you fickle Lady Luck, don’t let my gambler’s bankroll decay.
Must I beg you to come back to me, what Pythian words must I say?
When you come, will you stand by me, or will once again you stray?
Please come and play with me a while longer, and keep poverty at bay.

If I could but put you in a bottle, and squirrel you away
I know that I could face the world, each crisis, come what may.
Like Knights defending Damsels, life’s dragons I would slay.
With you at my side, the world would be mine, served on a silver tray.

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  1. Sometimes Poets just want to have fun. So I found the largest word group I could, wrote 16 lines of rhyme, and used the 4 words left over in the word group as the title... If you ask me why, I'll simply reply... Why not?