Tuesday, September 18, 2012


By D. E. Allen

 I just learned that Cliff Bleidner, respected Poet and Chairmen of the Performance Poets Association, lost his mother yesterday.  I wrote this poem some time ago while reflecting on experiences I had after losses in my life.  So here is; Reunion, for Cliff, and all of us who have suffered loss.

I thought I saw you again today.
But it was just a glint of sunlight where the shadow of a tree should be.
My eyes playing tricks on my mind, and for a moment, it brought you back to me.

The feeling was so different.
For that fleeting moment the empty spot in my heart was full once more.
Then again in a moment, the emptiness returns, for you have gone to the other shore.

The days drag on and on.
I know that soon enough it will be my turn to cross over to eternity.
Even though I can feel you all around me, I still question if reunion is a certainty.

I must stay strong in faith.
I must believe that reunion is assured for if I believe otherwise…. You’re gone.
Oh no, if I dare to think otherwise you’d be lost forever, and my heart could not go on.

I thought I saw you again today.
And in a moment of perfect clarity I realize that I did see you, I did, I did I say.
Because you knew that if I saw you, even if only in a flash, it would help me, to find my way.

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