Thursday, January 23, 2014

As I close my eyes I see the pages of my diary.
A diary I have never put to paper,
it is written deep within my soul. 

I thumb through its pages and read memories of you.
Though you are gone from mortal sight,
you are still with me.

The memory of you is written here,
deep within me,
and I can visit my fond memories of you whenever I wish.

I turn page after page,
read smile after smile,
then suddenly I find many blank pages.

I am startled until I realize these innumerable blank pages have been given to me,
and it is up to me to fill them with memories,
tomorrow, and tomorrow, and the day after that.

My minds eye drifts from my diary to the night sky.
There I see a thousand stars.
Each star becomes a blank page.

Not a page in my diary,
but in yours, and his, and his, and hers,
and that little one over there -hers too.

I wonder why these pages of other people’s diaries are here in my mind,
and soon I understand that I was not the author of all the pages in my own diary.
Many of my diary’s pages were written by those souls I had known.

Those I loved, and those I loved not. 
The star-like pages in the night sky of my mind,
and the blank pages at the end of my diary…

They belong to you.
They belong to me.
They are waiting for us all, to write them.

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