Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where, Oh Where, Would I go?

Last week while sitting in a writing class,
Dear Teacher asked of me..
Of all the places in the world,
which do you most wish to see?
I sat back and gave some thought -been there -done that,
Once by land and twice by sea.
Then like a blessed epiphany,
the answer was reviled to me.

The best trip of a lifetime.
A vacation that can’t be beat?
I’d love to see North Korea,
from 65,000 feet.
Riding in a B-2 Bomber,
or maybe a B-52
I’d fly up to old Pyongyang,
and drop a bomb or two.

I’d download a spy satellite data feed,
and program my smart bomb.
I’d specifically target their Great Leader,
to the civilians I’d wish no harm.
Well hello there little Kim Jung Un.
I hope I’m not too crass.
Would you mind bending over just a little bit more,
so I can hit you in your … brass

This would start a scramble for succession,
I doubt it would start world war three.
The Korean Little Lord Fountleroy’s are lined up waiting
as far as the eye can see.
And should the next Great Leader get nasty,
should he start to threaten war!
I’ll just go for a ride in my bomber of rhyme,
that’s what a poet is for.

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