Monday, July 23, 2012

I Answered the Call           

By Donald E. Allen


I answered the call of freedom at Bunker Hill,
I froze half to death at Valley Forge.
I gave every ounce of blood and sweat in Viet Nam,
I took a mini-ball in the knee at Stones River Gorge.

I had my lungs burned out by German mustard gas,
I suffered the Bataan death march in the Philippines.
I held on for dear life at the Pusan perimeter,
I stood with Andy Jackson at New Orleans.

I’m fighting now in Eastern lands,
Their languages I do not speak.
On my shoulder is the flag of the USA,
I have an honored tradition to keep.

My name … it does not matter,
But I’ll tell you who I am anyway.
I am every American Veteran,
And November 11th, is MY day!

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